Coronavirus outbreak
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China locks down city of Wuhan

Scoot Airbus A320neo, © Airbus

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BEIJING - China is putting on lockdown on 11 million people on Wuhan. The city isconsidered the epicentre of a new coronavirus outbreak that has killed 17 and infected nearly 600.

Health authorities around the world scramble to prevent a global pandemic and fear the transmission rate will accelerate as hundreds of millions of Chinese travel at home and abroad during week-long holidays for Lunar New Year, which begins on Saturday.

The previously unknown virus strain is believed to have emerged late last year from illegally traded wildlife at an animal market in China's central city of Wuhan.

Cases have been detected as far away as the United States, stoking fears the virus is already spreading worldwide.

Wuhan's local government said it would shut down all urban transport networks and suspend outgoing flights from 10 a.m. (0200 GMT) on Thursday, state media said. Domestic media said some airlines were operating after the deadline, however. Other carriers includings Singapore`s Scoot canceled their flights to Wuhan.
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