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Norwegian returns Heathrow slots

Norwegian Boeing 787-9, © Norwegian

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LONDON - Norwegian will not start a London-Heathrow operation after the airline won three summer 2020 slot pairs for the congested airport.

Heathrow slots are highly valuable assets: Etihad Airways paid Jet Airways 70 million dollars back in 2013 in exchange for three LHR slot pairs, Oman Air shelled out a staggering 75 million dollars in 2016 to take a prime Heathrow slot from Air France-KLM.

In December 2019 Norwegian took a gamble in the Heathrow slot lottery and won - the airline was assigned three of the seven slot pairs it had applied for. Yet, Norwegian will forfeit the rare Heathrow opportunity and return its slots to the coordinator and pool.

"We decided to return the slots as they do not fit into our network plan at this time", the airline said citing "fleet pressure" from the 787 engine issues and its strategic shift from growth to profitability.

Norwegian reported a 81 percent load factor for January 2020 - an improvement by nearly five points year over year. The airline ranks among the top users at London Gatwick airport.
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