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Loganair steps in after Flybe collapse

Loganair Saab 2000, © Ronnie Robertson, CCBYSA

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LONDON - Scottish regional airlines Loganair has reacted to the closure of Flybe by announcing plans to "safeguard UK regional connectivity" taking up 16 routes formerly flown by Flybe. The airline will be adding nearly 400 new flights each week and has opened a special recruitment line for Flybe employees.

The 16 routes - from existing Loganair base airports at Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Newcastle - will be launched progressively over the next four months, Loganair said Thursday. Flights on the first and largest group of these key air routes will commence as early as Monday 16 March.

"The collapse of a long-standing airline like Flybe marks a desperately sad day," said Logair chief executive Jonathan Hinkles. "By stepping in quickly with a comprehensive plan, Loganair is aiming to maintain essential air connectivity within the UK regions to keep customers flying, and to offer new employment to former Flybe staff members who are facing an uncertain future today."

The addition of 16 former Flybe routes to Loganair`s network will see the airline operate up to 400 new services each week, cementing its position as the UK’s fourth largest airline by volume of flights.

Additional 70-seat ATR 72 turboprop aircraft will join Loganair’s fleet over the coming weeks to service the new routes, alongside the existing 44-strong fleet of turboprop and Embraer Regional Jet aircraft.

Loganair was prepared

Loganair will be recruiting for additional pilots, cabin crew and engineers to be based at Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle airports to support the expansion. It is expected that over 100 new positions will be created across the four locations, and Loganair will be "prioritising applications from former Flybe staff" for all of these roles. There will also be "a small number" of new head office support roles.

Flybe collapsed Thursday and discontinued operations after months trying to obtain government support for a turnaround. Corona impact on bookings is understood to have contributed to the airline`s demise. Longair was prepared for this event.

"The plan represents the outcome of several weeks of behind-the-scenes contingency planning work, during which we’ve evaluated many routes and aircraft", said Hinkles. "It’s critical to the continued success of our own airline that we refrain from over-expansion, and that our growth can be delivered within our operational and financial means."

Loganair also stepped in after the 2019 collapse of Flybmi to fill a void in regional connectivity.

© | Abb.: Ronnie Robertson, CCBYSA | 06.03.2020 08:09

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